Maximize your ROI and ROE with C2C
Take Control of Your Content.

Does your team spend their days marking up PDFs and tracking content relationships in various spreadsheets? With C2C, organize and connect all of your content. Build standards-aligned interactive lessons and courses and create differentiation on the spot. Crosswalk and customize your product live in the system.

Move Beyond the eBook . . .

and PDFs for that matter! Create interactive, multimedia instruction and assessment using the best tools on the market.

District-Ready? Yes We Are.

C2C is compatible with virtually every district system - from Student Information Systems (SIS) to Learning Management Systems (LMS). LTI, QTI, WCAG, 508, FERPA. We understand school system compliance.

Track Data from Day 1...

and you can have powerful reports on Day 2 (and all the way to Day 180). C2C tracks alignment, usage, and performance data against every piece of content in the system. You can monitor progress against any standard or skill. Customize your reports with graphs and tables to highlight the focus of your program.

Do it. Go after State Adoptions.

Or any other market you want. You create an impressive instructional program. Teachers love it. Students are improving with it. Don’t let your digital offering hold you back from bigger success. C2C can take you to the next level. Don’t get left behind. With C2C, you’re closer than you think.

Spend Your Time on What Matters.

Let C2C take care of the rest. We have the systems to support your content and customers. When you start using C2C, get right to what matters: your program.

If you were in C2C, you would be in the Classroom by now.

C2C gives you the power to deliver, monitor, and continuously improve your program. Customize your content for different customers, states, and districts. Easily differentiate instruction. Manage it all under one roof.

We know the Journey and We Can Help You Get There.

Our team of 30+ developers knows this process inside and out and we’re here to help you build the digital product you envision. Our in-house design, product, engineering, and QA teams are focused on the success of your product every single day.

Maximize Your Return on Education

To see how C2C can maximize your Return on Education / Return on Investment please contact us.

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