Go from content to classroom

C2C contains three products to get you on your way from Content to Classroom. Designed to streamline your process, provide tools for digital content and product development, and offer you a simple, hassle free delivery system. Go at your own pace. Only pay for what you need right now. We’ll be with you every step of the way.


Use C2C to organize and connect your content from concept to curriculum.

Is your team overwhelmed with tracking documents and spreadsheets that cut into your transparency and productivity?

Create a C2C Product Map to organize and track relationships among every component of your offering. Clearly see how your content works together and where work is needed to meet your goals and objectives.

How are you meeting customer demands for customization or handling adoption coverage?

Outline your curriculum plan and align it to educational standards and instructional frameworks your customers need. Take your C2C Product Map and easily crosswalk to your next target; rearrange content to plan a new offering.

What you get with “Organize”

Collaboration and Sharing

Comprehensive Product Mapping

Content Alignment to Standards

Leveled Permissioning

Metadata Creation and Tagging

Product Map Crosswalk and

Product Creation and Organization

Rich Search Capabilities

Training and Support


You’ve organized your assets. You’ve outlined a solid framework. Now it’s time to build an interactive learning program. Create comprehensive learning products with digital WOW factor. Bundle lessons, assessments, differentiation and every other component you need to stand out from the crowd.

Are you ready to build highly interactive, comprehensive digital content?

C2C provides a simple to use lesson builder with all the great features and functions you crave: interactive question types, differentiated instruction paths, integrated videos, and more. Build stand alone interactive lessons and assessments or bundle them into a Course. Create an online product or component that makes your program stand out.

Are you outsourcing your digital? Is someone else building and controlling your content?

The C2C tools are simple to use and simple to integrate into your editorial process. Write, build and publish interactive content quickly and simply.

What you get with “Build”

(“Organize” product included)

Collaboration and Sharing

Content Catalog

Curriculum Map Builder

Course Builder

Differentiated Instruction

Graphic Organizers

Interactive Lesson and Assessment Builder

Tech-Enhanced Question Types

Version Control


Get into your customer’s digital ecosystem. Deliver your product with a custom student and teacher experience, integrated the way your customer needs it.

When it comes to delivering to your customers, how are you getting into all those ecosystems?

At C2C, we haven’t met a data or system integration demand we didn’t like. In fact, we’re the best integrators in the business. C2C takes care of data integration demands you’ll encounter with every customer, district, and school such as Student Information Systems (SIS), Learning Management Systems (LMS), gradebooks and more. We shake hands with any system that will shake back. C2C also includes connections to popular systems like Google Classroom and Canvas.

Do you need to give your customers the best tools in the business?

C2C makes delivering your content to your customers simple. Provide your teachers with easy to use and efficient tools for assignment management, classroom management, student performance tracking and more. Provide students an easy to use experience that keeps them focused on learning. And if your customer wants the content to be accessible in their LMS: no problem.

Responsive? You bet.

How do you need it all delivered? Laptops? Tablets? Smartphones? The answer shouldn’t be either/or. It should just be yes. Use C2C’s Deliver tools to get your content classroom ready with a clear customer workflow to maximize the power of your instructional product. Deliver includes custom teacher and student sites (as well as administrative and parent sites) with all the functionality, reporting, and content presentation you could need.

What you get with “Deliver”

(“Organize” and “Build” products included)

Assignment Management

Canvas Integration

Class Management

Course Management

Custom Learner Application

Custom Teacher Application

Google Classroom Integration

Lesson Player

LMS Integration

SIS Integration

Student Performance Tracking

Self Registration