Priced to scale with you

We’re experienced educational technology product makers who have helped create many of the most well-known K-12 technology products. We believe if technology isn’t making your job better, it’s just getting in the way. That’s why we take a thoughtful approach to applying technology, always keeping in mind the daily challenges of publishers and educators— including comfort with technology, content creation, complex integration issues and more. The C2C team has developed several award-winning eLearning products for publishers through its parent company, EvoText, a certified Women-owned software business started in March 2012.

Publisher Back Office
(Organize Only)
Digital Content Creation
(Organize + Build)
Full Suite
(Organize + Build + Deliver)
Collaboration and Sharing

Build your products with our collaboration tools. Share completed resources, curriculum maps, courses, lessons, and assessments with specific colleagues or your whole organization.

Comprehensive Product Mapping

Outline all of the content and components included in your program.

Content Alignment to Standards

We have you covered with state and national standards built right in. Choose standards to include in curriculum maps; align courses, units, lessons, assessments—even individual questions to standards with one click.

Leveled Permissioning

Decide the who, what, when, why, and how of access for your team.

Metadata Creation and Tagging

Tag all of your content items to simplify searching, sorting, and using your valuable resources.

Product Map Crosswalk Customization

Use crosswalk product mappings to quickly generate custom editions of your products.

Product Creation and Organization

Create impactful products by organizing and connecting your content from concept to curriculum.

Rich Search Capabilities

Free text, Boolean, and Faceted search - rich search capabilities supporting up to 34 different languages

Training and Support

Let our experts guide your team through our authoring, presentation, and delivery tools.

Content Catalog -

Bring all your digital assets together in one place with powerful searching so the whole team can work together.

Curriculum Map Builder -

Build and/or update curriculum maps using simple drag and drop, and save time by reusing—not retyping—your custom items

Course Builder -

Create individual courses that align directly to curriculum maps

Differentiated Instruction -

Quickly differentiate lessons for different students and needs; Keep track of how lessons are differentiating; Group your learners and create different experiences for them.

Graphic Organizers -

Build graphic organizers into your content to help students understanding across your curriculum.

Interactive Lesson and Assessment Builder -

an easy, powerful way to build relevant, engaging instruction;

Tech-Enhanced Question Types -

Build engaging lessons and assessments with tech-enhanced items types similar to the item types on the new Smarter Balanced and PARCC tests. With over 20 item types to choose from, your student's experience can be as engaging as your imagination will take you.

Version Control -

Create, manage, and track multiple versions of the same piece of content.

Assignment Management - -

Manage all of your class assignments from one simple tool. Assign to the whole class, groups, or individual students and easily select the settings for each assignment.

Canvas Integration - -

Allow users to seamlessly make assignments to their Canvas installation.

Class Management - -

Set up and manage classes using the simple class management tool.

Course Management - -

Create and organize all the instructional and assessment content for a course in one place. Easy as drag and drop.

Custom Learner Application - -

Create a smart learning environment for your product -- and your students - to shine.

Custom Teacher Application - -

Create an efficient, easy to navigate platform for your product -- and your teachers - to do their best work.

Google Classroom Integration - -

Easily push assignment details to your existing Google Classroom.

Lesson Player - -

Present in front of the class or send it home with your students. Highlight, Annotate, and Communicate right in the Lesson.

LMS Integration - -

Content2Classroom will integrate with your LMS. It can also be used as a standalone product.

SIS Integration - -

Content2Classroom can share Teacher/Student/Class information, allow for Single Sign On (SSO) and in some cases even share lessons and assessment data back and forth. Have your IT specialist contact us to find out more.

Student Performance Tracking - -

Create helpful reports to track needs and improvement from Day 1 to 180. C2C tracks all the data so you can focus on how to visualize it.

Self Registration - -

Product administrators can create distinct access codes to share with specific audiences. Users can easily register for their own accounts without additional administrator gatekeeping.