We listen to our clients. They’ve told us how and why we stand apart.

We are a highly-qualified senior-level team of educators and engineers. Together for decades, we’ve solved hundreds of problems in K-12 — both technical and pedagogical. We know what it takes to earn a teacher’s trust. And, our clients have seen that translate into real business results. They value our professionalism, honesty, stability, and reliability.

“EvoText has truly become our partner, not just a vendor. Transitioning to digital required a change in our product, business models and Highly efficient Content Management System development processes. Their experience and willingness to help us address the challenges we faced have been big factors in our successful transition to digital publishing.”


Get into your customer’s digital ecosystem

We’re the only company to offer a Product Map, a planning tool that allows you to organize and track relationships among every component of your offering. Map standards and skills to create your pattern of pre-requisite, post-requisite, and lateral connections. And, clearly see how your content works together and where work is needed to meet your goals and objectives.

Maximize student interaction, learning and retention

At no additional cost, we shake hands with any system that will shake back. Integrations have held some of our clients back from breaking into districts — too cost-prohibitive, complex or resource intensive. We’ve already done the work and we maintain it as technology changes and requirements evolve.

We start with the teaching and learning process. So, we offer the APIs that will drive the best possible delivery of curriculum. Find deep data for powerful reporting – even engagement data more meaningful than usage and performance. Build and push lessons and assessments into C2C’s Content Delivery Platform, an LMS, or your own front-end.

“We needed an offering that came 100% ready for the K-12 school environment. We wanted to be on a platform that included and maintained seamless school integrations with SIS and SSO.”


Accountability systems in states, districts and schools are as strong as ever. And, our C2C reporting has impressed some of the largest districts in the country. We understand what administrators and teachers need to track student progress and, more importantly, to drive intervention strategies to help students achieve.

“We had a platform good enough to deliver PDF content. But we needed curriculum, not content. We needed to deliver a more interactive experience for students and provide standards-based reporting for”


We believe in the effectiveness of the flipped classroom where students lead their own learning, at their own pace. And, teachers then differentiate instruction by guiding 1:1 and small groups (rather than the whole class) based on their needs. C2C reflects this approach, creating a dynamic and interactive learning environment for students to engage actively in the curriculum.

“We needed our product to deliver digital lessons, but we wanted to go beyond using static Google Slides. We needed an interactive solution that would foster student engagement and ensure teacher could clearly see how students were demonstrating their math skills.”

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