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Sirius Educational Solutions Drove Significant Growth in Digital Revenue Using Content2Classroom

Sirius’ materials are designed to familiarize students with the test-format and the types of standards-based questions they will encounter on the STAAR tests, and to provide both instruction and practice, including how to approach and answer STAAR items.

When Sirius decided to create digital products to better align with the STAAR tests and to create better access to their content, they trusted Content2Classroom to handle the pivot to digital.

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How Alliance to Save Energy Cut Curriculum Expenses by 60% Using Content2Classroom

With U.S. schools accounting for more than $8 billion dollars in energy spending each year, one way ASE fulfills its mission is through their EmPowered Schools education program that teaches students about energy efficiency and conservation. To increase their program reach, ASE needed to digitize their curriculum and streamline its delivery to make it easier and more convenient for schools to implement. Content2Classroom proved to be the powerful solution ASE needed to scale.

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How Gallopade Moved Beyond the eBook to Reach 75% More Customers with Content2Classroom

When schools started providing 1:1 technology for students, Gallopade saw an opportunity to expand its reach by transitioning its printed social studies materials to digital. They partnered with a company to digitize their content, but in 2019, Gallopade realized that they needed more than what that company could offer. They decided to trust Content2Classroom to transform their content into an interactive digital curriculum.

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How Content2Classroom Supported Carnegie Learning’s Texas Open Resource Product

Carnegie Learning has leveraged its expertise to deliver student centered and personalized learning experiences in other content areas including World Languages and English Language Arts. Carnegie Learning initially partnered with Content2Classroom to leverage its CMS (content management system), also known as the Publisher Suite, and robust Curriculum mapping process, and then added Content2Classroom’s digital curriculum platform to build and distribute interactive lessons for a Texas math product.

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