Curriculum Management System (CMS)

Put content creators in control with a powerful toolset

  • Planning and workflow tools to efficiently build, edit, and manage learning content (resources, lessons, assessments)
  • Curriculum sequencing, Standards mapping and Crosswalking is easy and logical. Clearly see coverage, gaps and misalignments with pre-built reports
  • No more moving across systems, clunky spreadsheets, manual updates, time- consuming QA processes, or costly external validation and complex reporting

Designed to:

  • Ensure content coverage and standards accuracy
  • Increase operational efficiency and save engineering costs
  • Meet customer demands for customization
  • Handle state adoption requirementsg

Curriculum Delivery Platform (CDP)

Drive learning outcomes in a flipped or teacher-led classroom

  • Includes CMS as back-end toolset
  • Your own branded, configurable experiences for administrators, teachers, students and parents
  • Efficient classroom, course, and assignment management
  • Powerful standards-based reporting tracking performance, usage, progress and engagement
  • Fully accessible on most devices

Designed to:

  • Facilitate whole class, 1:1, and small group instruction
  • Increase student engagement and agency
  • Reduce teacher set up and prep time
  • Provide in-depth insights to student progress and engagement